Tips to Help You Plan and Execute Your Fire Emergency Procedures

Fire safety is important in every building, but it’s especially important to create a set of emergency procedures for your commercial or apartment building. When multiple tenants inhabit a multi-story building, you can expect longer evacuation times and anticipate a need for multiple exit points. Ideally, you need your tenants to be able to evacuate within two minutes of hearing a smoke alarm go off—fires can spread quickly and may block off doors, stairwells and hallways.

The best thing you can do for your high-rise building is contact a fire escape service company in San Francisco, CA, like the Great Escape Fire Escape Service. We can not only help ensure your fire escapes are in great working condition, but also assist you in creating an emergency plan for your building. Here are some of our best tips to get you started:

  • Create a fire safety plan for tenants: Your fire safety plan should take into consideration the location of all stairwells, elevators, fire escapes and emergency exits. If there are areas that remain locked at all times, consider giving the fire department keys and floor plans for your building. Ensure that each apartment or office is equipped with smoke alarms and sprinklers, and post fire extinguishers in common areas.
  • Post your plan in visible common areas: Once you have a fire safety plan in place, deliver a copy to each tenant and post it in every common area available.
  • Consult with fire safety experts: When you consult with the professionals, they can take into account things you might not have considered, such as building materials, how a fire would be likely to spread, average evacuation times and specific problems with your individual building.
  • Train employees in emergency procedures: Your employees should be trained in all aspects of fire safety, whether or not they’re on the premises on a regular basis. They should also be tasked with keeping exits free of obstructions and general fire prevention habits, like unplugging space heaters and watching out for other hazards.
  • Hold regular fire drills: Both your employees and your tenants should be part of regular fire drills, so that if an emergency arises, they will have already had a chance to see how your fire safety plan will work in practice.

Every building is different, so you will likely find that creating a fire safety plan involves more considerations than those listed above. That’s why the help of fire safety experts can be so invaluable.

Fire escape service company in San Francisco, CA

Great Escape Fire Escape Service is San Francisco’s first and premier fire escape management service. Founded in 1988 by a retired New York City firefighter, we specialize in fire escape maintenance and repair, ensuring your tenants are safe and your building is in compliance with city building codes. We can also help you create a fire escape plan that’s customized for your specific property. Call us today to find out more about how we can help keep your building safe.

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