Frequency of Fire Escape Inspection

Once your fire escape is installed and fixed on the side of the building, you might think that you can simply forget about it for the foreseeable future. You’d be wrong. Though a well-maintained fire escape can provide a fast, secure route to safety in the event of an emergency, a poorly maintained fire escape can mean, at best, a significant lawsuit and, at worst, the loss of life. For those reasons, you must keep to a regular fire escape inspection schedule in San Francisco, CA.

The national standard

At the national level, fire escapes are required to have a comprehensive inspection once every five years. This means that the stairs must be inspected by a certified professional to ensure that they are stable and ready to be used. The fire escape must also undergo extensive weight testing to make sure that it can withstand the combined weight of several of your residents at once.

During these inspections, it’s also advisable to make sure your fire escape is still firmly attached to the side of your building—that is, make sure the bolts fastening the escape to your structure are still in good shape and don’t show any signs of corrosion. You should ensure the building itself hasn’t eroded around the escape fasteners, as well.

REG 4 testing

Another component of national fire escape testing is making sure that your fire escape is in line with Chief’s Regulation 4, or REG 4. REG 4 testing is done every year. Its intention is to inspect and certify the proper function of your fire escape’s assembly (more commonly known as your ladder).

Local fire departments require 48 hours’ notice to perform REG 4 testing. If you receive a written violation, you can commit to a fire escape inspection schedule in San Francisco, CA to make the necessary changes within 30 days.

Keeping clean in the Bay Area

As a highly urban area, San Francisco authorities are strict about compliance with national regulations. As such, the Bay Area requires that any residential condo with more than three dwellings and any hotel with more than six rooms to provide or display proof that they have met or exceeded national guidelines.

The San Francisco Fire Code further asserts that fire escapes should be kept unobstructed and in good repair at all times.

Your fire escape allies

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