Emergency Building Evacuation Tips

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: you’re stuck in a burning building. Getting out safely is the priority, but in the smoke, chaos and fear, many people freeze up and aren’t sure what to do. Learning about fire safety tips before a fire breaks out can save your life—read on to learn our best tips for evacuating a burning building, then create your own fire and building evacuation plan in San Francisco, CA:

  • Look for an exit: Naturally, the first thing you want to do when a building catches fire is get out. Look for a clear, unobstructed exit and proceed to it—with any luck, you can get out simply by walking out the door.
  • Stay low: Smoke rises, and many people perish due to smoke inhalation, rather than due to being caught in the fire itself. Crouch or crawl to the exits.
  • Watch out for doorknobs: Remember, doorknobs can be hot—wrap your hand in your shirt or jacket before touching a doorknob or handle.
  • Have a designated meeting place: If you’re at home or work, you should have a designated meeting place to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. Once you get outside the building, meet there.
  • Open windows: If you’re stuck in a burning building and can’t get out, shut the door to your room, turn on the lights and open all the windows. This will make it easier to find you if you need to be rescued, and will keep the flames and smoke temporarily at bay.
  • Call attention to yourself: When trapped, make sure you lean out the window and yell “fire!” Try to get the attention of firefighters or passersby.
  • Drop, don’t jump: Should you need to exit the building through a window, and no firefighters are available to help you, be very careful. Hang onto the windowsill and let yourself drop—never jump. Never try to push a mattress out the window to land upon (it could get stuck), but you could toss couch cushions, pillows or other bedding out the window to cushion your fall.
  • Children first: If you have children nearby, make sure that they get out of the building first—never go first and expect them to follow, even if you promise to catch them. If you have to lower them out the window, hold onto their wrists so you can be assured they have no choice but to let go.
  • Look for a clear space to land: If you have to go out the window, look for a clear space to land and make sure your children are out of the way first.

The smartest thing you can do for your family or employees in San Francisco, CA is have a comprehensive fires escape plan in place, including a meetup location. Teach children to call 911 in the event of an emergency, and go over the plan with them monthly to ensure they know what to do.

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