How to Prevent a Fire Escape Collapse with One Simple Step

A fire escape is one of the most important features of your building. Whether you own or manage a commercial building, an industrial site or a multi-story, multi-unit residential building, making sure all occupants have an easy means of egress is one of your absolute highest priorities.

Great Escape Fire Escape Service is your Bay Area partner in making sure all of your fire escapes are in good working order at all times, and we have always recognized the vital importance of regular fire escape inspections in San Francisco, CA. Here are some easy steps that customers can take to make sure their properties are always as safe as can be.

Regular inspections are vitally important

The best way to keep your fire escape in good working order is to never neglect it for an extended period of time. Getting lax about maintenance is not something you can afford with this particular piece of equipment, so periodic fire escape inspection in San Francisco, CA is something that should be on your calendar on a recurring basis.

This has the added benefit of taking maintenance off your worry list, at least to some extent—if something is wrong with your fire escape, your regular inspections will catch it and you’ll be able to make repairs before the situation devolves any further.

Remember they can deteriorate

The simple fact of the matter is that fire escapes can experience wear and tear, and may break down over time. Rust, a lack of lubrication and exposure to the elements can all contribute to a fixture that’s not going to be able to perform at its desired level. Fire escapes need to be regularly scraped, repainted and kept up to any and all applicable maintenance codes if they are to be relied upon to do their job should the situation arise. Getting regular fire escape inspections in San Francisco, CA by qualified experts is the best way to be sure your fire escape is in good condition and able to resist collapse.

Only use them for emergencies

Unfortunately, in our industry, we see a lot of people succumb to the temptation to use their fire escapes for purposes other than those for which they were designed. Perhaps they’re using them as patio or storage space, and while this may seem harmless enough, this type of usage and strain is actually something that can chip away at their effectiveness, so it’s best to avoid it. Regular fire escape inspections in San Francisco, CA can also help “keep you honest” in this regard, as you’ll regularly receive tips on how to maximize your fire escape’s efficiency and safety.

Fire escapes are one of those things you never want to have to use, but when the time comes, you want to know they’re ready to stand up to the task. Great Escape Fire Escape Service has been in the business for over 30 years, and we’ve helped thousands of customers ensure their fire escape systems are safe, well maintained, up to code and ready to work exactly as intended as soon as they’re needed. To learn more or schedule an inspection, reach out to us today.

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