Common Causes of Damage to a Fire Escape

Your building’s fire escapes are some of the most important structures you’ll ever have under your control. In times of emergency or disaster, they can be the difference between life and death, so it’s your charge as a building owner or manager to reliably and effectively maintain them. There are many things that can contribute to fire escape failure in San Francisco, CA, and it’s important for everyone we work with to understand some of the factors that can lead them to break down. Once you’re equipped with this information, you’ll be well on the path to keeping a reliable and properly-maintained fire escape system.

Exposure to the elements

Let’s face it—fire escapes can be less than attractive. They can hang on the outside of the building for decades without regular maintenance, and since they’re made of metal, there’s a high chance that they’ll rust and break down over time. Corrosion, missing pieces, rust and loose anchor parts are just some of the things that can spring up over the years and go unnoticed for months or even years at a time if you’re not paying enough attention.

Salty air and rain are a couple of the biggest culprits, but any metal object left outside is going to break down eventually thanks to Mother Nature. For this reason, fire escape rusting in San Francisco, CA is a serious concern that should be addressed by professionals at your earliest convenience.

Theft and vandalism

It might seem hard to imagine, but fire escapes are not immune to the threat posed by human beings. They are often made of materials that can be very valuable, so it’s hardly surprising that they can simply go missing sometimes. Scrap metal is a valuable industry to be in, and it’s easy for people to make a quick buck by stealing part or all of a fire escape and immediately trading it in for cash at their nearest scrap yard. What this means, sadly, is that theft and vandalism are some of the issues we see most often that contribute to fire escape failure in San Francisco, CA.

Failure at connection points

Improper sealing of your fire escape can do a number on its structure, especially at critical connection points. If these aren’t properly sealed, they can allow small amounts of water inside. This water can then freeze, expand and make the problem progressively worse as time goes on and the expansion and contraction continue. It’s best to avoid this type of fire escape failure in San Francisco, CA by contacting the pros at Great Escape Fire Escape Service to ensure these points are all properly addressed.

Your fire escape is a part of your building that you should never cut corners with or ignore. It helps keep occupants from harm in the event of a fire, which is why regular inspections are an absolute necessity in order to reveal any hidden damage. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment—we’d be glad to get you on the road to feeling confident in your fire escape!

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