Building an Emergency Kit for an Apartment Fire

The United States has some of the most restrictive building codes and best technology to deal with the breakout of a fire in an apartment building. However, these tools are not useful if you don’t have the right gear and preparation to survive a fire. Let’s go over how to create a fire escape plan for your apartment in San Francisco, CA that will allow you and your family to make it out alive.

Fire extinguishers

These are one of the first lines of defense when it comes to fires in your home. Fire extinguishers are ideal for putting out small fires, and are particularly useful in the kitchen. You may also be able to use a fire extinguisher to escape your building during a fire.

Keep one in your kitchen at least six feet from the stove. Cooking is the cause of almost half of in-home fires, so having one close by while you’re making food is a best practice. Good locations for fire extinguishers include under the kitchen sink or in an easily accessible cabinet.

Fire escape kit

Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to navigate through an apartment building when it’s going up in flames. Remember that you’ll be trying to escape through an environment that’s filled with smoke and with temperatures that are rapidly increasing.

This is where a fire escape kit comes in handy. Stock it with a high-quality smoke mask, gloves, a glow stick and a heat-reflective blanket. The smoke mask will allow you to breathe enough to escape. The gloves will allow you to open doors with handles that may be burning hot. The glow stick helps you alert firefighters below if you can’t make it out of your apartment. And the heat-reflective blanket will bounce radiant heat off your body and help you escape alive.

Ensuring you have working smoke alarms

You know that having a functional smoke alarm is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid becoming a victim of an apartment fire, yet most of us don’t regularly check our smoke alarms. Many people will even disconnect their smoke alarm when an incessant beeping insists that the battery be changed.

The reality is that it’s absolutely crucial to have at least one smoke alarm on each level of your apartment and in each bedroom. You also want to check the batteries at least every six months to make sure they are in good working order. You can also check the date of manufacture at the bottom of the alarm to see how old it is and whether it needs to be replaced.

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