How to Plan to Help Your Family Escape in the Event of a Fire

When it comes to an emergency like a fire in your home or apartment building, your ability to respond is based on advance warning systems like smoke alarms. The fact is that fire can easily and quickly spread through any structure. You may only have one or two minutes to get everyone together and exit the home in the event of a fire.

That’s why it’s critical to design a foolproof fire escape plan for your family. It’s also important to have adequate fire escape maintenance in San Francisco, CA. Here are our leading tips to create a fire escape plan that will work in the event a disaster strikes.

Do a walkthrough

Start by going through your home and identifying every possible exit and escape route. If you have kids, draw a floor plan of the home that includes two exits for every room: a door and a window. You’ll also want to catalogue each smoke alarm’s location in the home. For those living in apartment buildings, knowing the location of each staircase or fire escape is another planning must. If one route is blocked by smoke, you’ll have options in the event of an emergency.

Practice makes perfect with fire safety basics

Knowing the basics of fire escape ahead of time is crucial to be safe during the event of an emergency. Fire drills are important for every home, as well as for apartment buildings and high-rises. It’s also good to know how to stay calm and dial 911, as well as how to go under smoke to avoid inhalation. This allows you to avoid inhaling the toxic smoke associated with a fire.

Go to a window

If you’re unable to leave an apartment building due to the buildup of smoke or fire, then you should wait by a window and report your exact location to firefighters. Close any doors between you and the fire, then use towels or duct tape to seal the door. If possible, open the window to get additional fresh air inside. When firefighters have arrived, use a flashlight or cloth at the window to signal your location.

Devising and knowing your plan

Your family or other residents should be well acquainted with the escape plan. The plan should be posted in places where everyone can easily see it and review it. Going over the plan at least once a year in the form of a fire drill is another best practice. If you live in an apartment building or high-rise, find out about fire extinguishers and sprinklers and incorporate those into the plan.

We hope this guide to a fire escape family plan in San Francisco, CA has been helpful. Great Escape Fire Escape Service has been around since 1988, and was the first fire escape service business in the Bay Area. We specialize in fire escape inspections, repair, replacement and certification. Our talented technicians do it all, from maintenance to inspection and repairs. For the best in fire safety, give us a call today.

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