A Guide to Refurbishing Fire Escapes

There are many signs that it might be time to refurbish your fire escape, including rust and badly cracked paint. If your San Francisco, CA fire escape looks unsafe for any reason, you should have it refurbished. Experiencing a fire is scary enough—you don’t want to risk further injury by having to climb down a dilapidated fire escape.

One of the best ways to prevent a faulty fire escape is by having it inspected from time to time. Most people recommend having an inspection performed every five years, but if you notice any potential problems, you should schedule one right away. While you’re waiting for an inspection, there are several things you can check on your own. Read on to learn more about refurbishing and properly maintaining fire escapes.

Checking your fire escape for damage

Performing a visual inspection of your fire escape could help identify any problem areas. Look for major problems with rust or cracked paint. These issues could cause nasty cuts and infections if not properly addressed.

Hardware problems are sometimes common with older fire escapes. These might include loose screws or hardware that’s become rusty. Regardless, it’s extremely dangerous to have faulty hardware on your fire escape. It’s best to let someone know as soon as you notice these issues.

Taking care of these fire escape issues is usually quite easy, but is best left to a professional. Let your building manager know about any issues. They will likely contact a reputable company in San Francisco, CA to fix the fire escape.

Maintaining your fire escape

It’s extremely important to keep your fire escape clean. You shouldn’t place anything on the fire escape that someone could trip over. Certain materials left on the fire escape could catch on fire, leaving you without anywhere to run. Keeping loose items on your fire escape also puts pedestrian at risk on the ground below. These items could easily fall, resulting in major injuries.

While many people like having gardens on their fire escapes, they are illegal for many reasons. They can block the path of firefighters or people trying to escape. If you want a city garden, it’s best to keep it inside or on the roof.

Having an inspection

There are many benefits to having routine inspections of your fire escape. An expert in city compliance will make sure all aspects of the fire escape are up to code. If you’re a building manager, having routine fire escape inspections will help you avoid hefty fines.

Some fire escape inspection services also provide fire escape maintenance. If you’ve noticed rust, chipped paint, loose hardware or any other potential safety hazards, have one of these companies come fix the problem right away. A reputable company will also use a top-quality finish on your fire escape to help prevent weather damage.

To ensure the safety of you and everyone living in your building, it’s important to have your fire escape refurbished when necessary. For all your old fire escape refurbishing and repair needs in San Francisco, CA, contact Great Escape Fire Escape Service today.

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