Things You Didn’t Know About Fire Escape Gardening

Fire escape gardens are a popular trend in larger cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco. These gardens add some green to your city setting and are a great way of relaxing. Fire escape gardens share many similarities with rural gardens—you still have to properly maintain your flowers and other plants to ensure they live. However, there are many additional considerations that come with fire escape gardening. Read on to learn all about fire escape gardening and decorating in San Francisco, CA.

Fire escape gardens are against the law

The most important thing to note is that fire escape gardening and decorating aren’t allowed in most areas, including San Francisco. While many places won’t say anything about a fire escape garden, you could receive a fine. This is because these gardens, no matter how small, can block the path of someone trying to escape a building fire. Fire escape gardens also obstruct the path used by firefighters. If you’re confused about fire escape requirements in your area, speak with a local expert.

There are safer potting options

While there are ways to properly secure your pots in a fire escape garden, they can sometimes fall. A heavy pot falling on someone’s head could cause major injury and is important to avoid at all costs.

Consider investing in something softer than ceramic or glass pots for your plants. Online, you can find many ways to make pots out of softer materials, including bags and egg cartons. For extra security, invest in planters that hook to your window or fire escape.

It’s easy to use your garden for composting

A fire escape garden or planter not only looks beautiful, but is also useful for composting. Instead of wasting fruit peels or eggshells, toss them into your planter outside. This will help keep your plants healthy while minimizing your carbon footprint. You can compost plenty of different materials, including coffee grounds, leaves and vegetables.

You should only water plants inside

It’s important that you bring your plants inside to water them. Place the pots or planter in your sink or another safe area and water the plants as much as necessary. Watering your plants inside prevents dirty water from dripping onto unsuspecting pedestrians below. You also don’t want someone complaining about the water dripping onto their own fire escape or other space window. After enough complaints, you may even have to give up your garden.

Fire escape garden alternatives

If you feel the need or desire to keep a garden in your city space, it’s usually best to avoid using your fire escape. Instead, consider a planter for one or more of the windows. Planters come in varying sizes and are usually quite secure. You could also grow an indoor garden by investing in the right types of plants. Plants that grow well indoors include snake plants, jade plants, lemons and many more. Don’t let your living situation stop you—get your apartment garden started today!

If you want to make sure your San Francisco, CA fire escape is up to code, move your fire escape decorating and gardening indoors, and then contact the experts at Great Escape Fire Escape Service to schedule an inspection.

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