What You Should Know About the 908 Building Code

Every city in America has building codes designed to keep individuals safe from fire hazards. San Francisco is no different, and one of the most important codes to follow is the 908 building code.

This building code has several components, all of which deal with the maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment. What is the 908 building code, and why does it matter? Read on to learn more.

Who needs to know this building code?

It doesn’t hurt to know more about your local fire ordinances. However, there are some people who absolutely need to know and follow the 908 building code and all of the other SF fire codes. These individuals include landlords, business owners, property managers and anyone else who’s in charge of a residential or commercial facility.

Neglecting to know and abide by the 908 building code and other local fire laws can put lives in danger and lead to some serious legal troubles.

What’s included in this building code?

As we touched on above, the 908 building code has a few different components, all related to maintenance and repair of a building’s safety equipment. The equipment discussed in the code includes fire escapes, fire and life safety systems and equipment inspection requirements.

The first part of the code states that fire escapes should be kept clear and be readily accessible at all times. During a compliance inspection, the property manager (or someone in charge of the building) will need to demonstrate that all fire escapes are maintained and fully operational. Once this inspection is complete, the fire escapes need to be secured and remain unobstructed.

Part B of the 908 building code requires building owners to maintain the fire and life safety systems defined in Section 907.8.5 of the Fire Code. These systems include standpipes, automatic sprinklers, automatic fire alarms, fire escapes and all fire protective equipment. This gear must be inspected and tested at least once a year. Additionally, the building owner must keep a written record that the equipment has been inspected.

Several SF fire codes mention fire alarms, but Part C of the 908 building code deals with their yearly inspection. All fire alarms need to be tested once a year by the fire department or another certified inspection organization. After testing, a sticker must be placed on the alarm with the date of inspection and the contact info for the company that performed the inspection.

Call us to stay compliant

Now that you know a little bit more about what the 908 building code is, it’s time to ensure you stay compliant. That’s where we can help! At Great Escape Fire Escape Service, we specialize in ensuring 908 building code compliance. We’re capable of servicing commercial and residential buildings of all sizes—there’s nothing we can’t tackle.

Give us a call if it’s time for an inspection or if you’re having issues with your fire escapes or fire safety equipment. We’ll send someone out right away to keep your building as safe as possible.

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