Tips for Fireproofing Your Home

Fire safety should be a number one priority, no matter where you live. Even the smallest fire could result in thousands of dollars in damage and the loss of lives. You can easily prevent a fire from starting in the first place by taking proper safety precautions, which should include things like installing smoke alarms and keeping a working fire extinguisher in your home.

Read on if you’re looking for tips to fireproof your home or apartment:

  • Consider fire doors: Fire doors are designed to withstand fires and can even prevent the spread of smoke. They are available for both residential and commercial properties. If you want an extra bit of safety, consider investing in one or more fire doors. Fire doors are especially useful in large properties, as they will help contain the fire. In fact, many fire doors can hold back flames for up to an hour. If you decide to invest in fire doors, be sure to have them professionally installed. A professional will know the best placement for the doors and ensure that they’re installed correctly.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher: As mentioned above, it’s extremely important to have a working fire extinguisher on hand. Typically, fire extinguishers come with apartments or condos; however, you may need to purchase your own. If so, be sure to do some research on the different classes of fire extinguishers. Any fire extinguisher used in your home should have an ABC rating, which basically means you can use it on combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical equipment.
  • Use the right materials when decorating or building: Some materials are more susceptible to fires than others. When remodeling or decorating, consider using fire-retardant materials such as steel, stucco, brick, concrete, stone and more. There are even many options for fire-resistant curtains and fabrics. You might even consider making some home remodels for better fire safety.
  • Get your fire escape inspected: For some people, a fire escape offers the best way to vacate a burning building. That’s why it’s important to make sure your fire escape is structurally sound. If you live in an apartment building, it’s usually the owner’s job to take care of fire escape inspections and maintenance. Building owners should consider scheduling fire escape inspections and maintenance around once a year. This maintenance should include ensuring cable safety, lubricating mechanical parts and much more. Scheduling routine maintenance and inspections could help prevent the need for expensive future repairs.

There are many ways to fireproof your home. Still, it’s extremely important to have both a working fire extinguisher and smoke alarms in your home. Also, be sure to properly plan your escape in the event of a fire. Good fire preparation could help save your life as well as the lives of anyone else living in your home.

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