604 Inspections

The Department of Building Inspection requires owners of apartment buildings and hotels with exterior decks and attachments to have a licensed contractor inspect their deck, porch, stairs, balcony or other attachments, every 5 years, to assure continued stability and safety. Great Escape Fire Escape Service is certified to perform 5-year fire escape inspection services for San Francisco, CA building owners, compliant with Section 604 standards and criteria.

What is Section 604?

Section 604 requires apartment complexes to have all building appendages inspected every 5 years. This includes 5-year fire escape inspection services, verifying that the exit system, corridor, balcony, deck or any part of the exterior structure is in safe condition and in adequate working order.

What’s Included in a Section 604 Inspection?

Section 604 inspections cover Exterior Elevated Elements (EEEs). These are structural elements of a building—including supports, associated waterproofing systems and railings—with the following properties:

  • Extends beyond a building’s exterior walls
  • Designed for human use
  • Has a walking surface more than 6 feet above ground level
  • Has load-bearing components made with wood or wood-based products

These elements include all wood and metal decks, balconies, landings, exit corridors, stairway systems, guardrails, handrails and ladders. This also includes your building’s fire escape system.

What Does a 604 Inspection Look For?

We’re looking to see that your fire escape and all functional components of the system are in good condition, as well as the appendages supporting it. Specifically, we’re checking to see if these structures are free from hazardous dry rot, fungus, deterioration, decay or improper alteration.

What Buildings Require a 604 Inspection?

5-year fire escape inspection services are required for any building with more than 3 units, including residential condominium buildings of 3 dwellings or more and hotels with 6 guest rooms or more. Remember, it’s the responsibility of the building owner or manager to ensure they remain compliant with Department of Building Inspection Section 604 requirements!

We Keep You Compliant

Great Escape Fire Escape Service is certified to perform 5-year fire escape inspection services, to keep your building compliant with Section 604. Contact us today at 415-566-1479 to schedule an inspection appointment.

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