Common Causes of Damage to a Fire Escape

Your building’s fire escapes are some of the most important structures you’ll ever have under your control. In times of emergency or disaster, they can be the difference between life and death, so it’s your charge as a building owner or manager to reliably and effectively maintain them. There are many things that can contribute […]

How to Prevent a Fire Escape Collapse with One Simple Step

A fire escape is one of the most important features of your building. Whether you own or manage a commercial building, an industrial site or a multi-story, multi-unit residential building, making sure all occupants have an easy means of egress is one of your absolute highest priorities. Great Escape Fire Escape Service is your Bay […]

Why Are Fires Common After Earthquakes?

If you’re living in San Francisco, chances are you’ve felt at least a little temblor at some point since you moved here, and perhaps even some of the larger quakes the area is famous for. Most people are familiar with the devastating 1906 quake, which decimated parts of the city—but few people realize that the […]

Emergency Building Evacuation Tips

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: you’re stuck in a burning building. Getting out safely is the priority, but in the smoke, chaos and fear, many people freeze up and aren’t sure what to do. Learning about fire safety tips before a fire breaks out can save your life—read on to learn our best tips for evacuating […]

Frequency of Fire Escape Inspection

Once your fire escape is installed and fixed on the side of the building, you might think that you can simply forget about it for the foreseeable future. You’d be wrong. Though a well-maintained fire escape can provide a fast, secure route to safety in the event of an emergency, a poorly maintained fire escape […]