Emergency Building Evacuation Tips

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: you’re stuck in a burning building. Getting out safely is the priority, but in the smoke, chaos and fear, many people freeze up and aren’t sure what to do. Learning about fire safety tips before a fire breaks out can save your life—read on to learn our best tips for evacuating […]

Frequency of Fire Escape Inspection

Once your fire escape is installed and fixed on the side of the building, you might think that you can simply forget about it for the foreseeable future. You’d be wrong. Though a well-maintained fire escape can provide a fast, secure route to safety in the event of an emergency, a poorly maintained fire escape […]

Risks of an Unmaintained Fire Escape

There are a little over 7.5 million people who call the Bay Area home. Of them, millions hang their hats in a building with a fire escape. On a typical day, most of those apartment residents don’t give their fire escape much thought. When the worst happens, however, and a roaring fire is blocking their […]

The Evolution of Fire Safety Laws

There are so many fire safety laws that now exist in locations across the country, both on local and federal levels. Many fire codes were put into place in the wake of deadly fires that taught cities a lot about how they needed to design their structures and what types of fire safety code updates […]

The Origins of Fire Escape Structures Outside Buildings

Have you ever looked at fire escape structures on the outside of buildings and wonder how they came to be standard on large buildings across the country? It may seem obvious to have some extra form of escape in the event a fire blocked off staircases, but buildings were not always built with exterior fire […]