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Things You Didn’t Know About Fire Escape Gardening

Fire escape gardens are a popular trend in larger cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco. These gardens add some green to your city setting and are a great way of relaxing. Fire escape gardens share many similarities with rural gardens—you still have to properly maintain your flowers and other plants to ensure they […]

A Guide to Refurbishing Fire Escapes

There are many signs that it might be time to refurbish your fire escape, including rust and badly cracked paint. If your San Francisco, CA fire escape looks unsafe for any reason, you should have it refurbished. Experiencing a fire is scary enough—you don’t want to risk further injury by having to climb down a […]

How Often Should I Have My Fire Escape Inspected?

Although everyone hopes their building will be safe from fires and other disasters, it’s important to be prepared. That’s why most cities have specific fire escape inspection regulations, and San Francisco is no exception. There’s no telling when a fire will break out, an earthquake will occur or other problems may arise that require a […]

How to Inspect and Refurbish Your Fire Escape Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping your building’s fire escapes in good shape—and accessible—isn’t just a matter of protecting tenants and employees. It’s also important to ensure that you don’t run afoul of city regulations or expose yourself to legal liability. Setting a schedule for regular fire escape maintenance in San Francisco, CA is a key part of building ownership. […]

Rules for Fire Escapes in California

As the owner of a property with a fire escape attached, it’s important that you understand your responsibility for maintaining that fire escape, as well as the various rules surrounding the use of fire escapes. There are several sources online where you can access easy-to-read fire escape codes in San Francisco, CA, but here’s a […]