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Is Your Fire Escape in Good Condition?

Apartment buildings and their components require a considerable amount of maintenance and upkeep. This isn’t limited to the units themselves but includes the hallways and outdoor areas as well. One component that sometimes gets neglected is the fire escape. It’s easy to forget about fire escape maintenance, as it’s not something that should get a […]

Are Fire Escapes Beneficial for a Residence?

If a fire breaks out at your home, are you fully prepared? Since preserving life and avoiding injury is obviously the top priority during an emergency situation like a fire, you need to ensure all residents of your home have an easy escape route. With this in mind, many homeowners are choosing to invest in […]

Why Do We Need 604 Inspections?

If you own an apartment, condominium or hotel, the section 604 rules of the San Francisco Building Inspection Code require all building attachments, including fire escapes, be assessed for full compliance. Inspections should occur once every five years. As a property owner, you need to abide by these codes. Here’s why 604 inspections are important. […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Fire Escape Gardening

Fire escape gardens are a popular trend in larger cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco. These gardens add some green to your city setting and are a great way of relaxing. Fire escape gardens share many similarities with rural gardens—you still have to properly maintain your flowers and other plants to ensure they […]

A Guide to Refurbishing Fire Escapes

There are many signs that it might be time to refurbish your fire escape, including rust and badly cracked paint. If your San Francisco, CA fire escape looks unsafe for any reason, you should have it refurbished. Experiencing a fire is scary enough—you don’t want to risk further injury by having to climb down a […]