City Compliance in San Francisco CA

The city of San Francisco has strict requirements for fire escape inspections and maintenance. Great Escape Fire Escape Service is here to work with you to ensure your fire escape system meets all critical requirements, to achieve fire escape certification in San Francisco, CA. We help you identify what needs to be done to meet compliance standards set by the city and enforced by fire marshals and city inspectors.

Fire Escape City Compliance

Compliance Inspections

Our team is at the forefront of city compliance standards for fire escapes. We work with building owners, property managers and concerned homeowners to ensure their system meets compliance expectations. We even consult on new buildings in development, to assess how many escapes are necessary.

When the time for compliance comes around, call us for an inspection. We’re extremely familiar with fire escape compliance in San Francisco, CA and can assist in many ways. Let us get your system ready for Section 604 compliance and refer you to a licensed contractor or architect who can check off the compliance forms.

Building Codes and Compliance Standards

Section 604 of the San Francisco Building Inspection Code demands all building appendages—including fire escapes—be assessed for compliance every five years. Section 908 San Francisco Fire Escape Building Code states that “fire escapes shall be kept clear and unobstructed and be readily accessible at all times.” These are the two major codes that building owners need to abide by. Let us help you adhere to them, so your fire escapes pass compliance testing.

Lubricate Mechanical Parts

Serviced yearly, a fire escape should work easily. We’ll give yours the proper lubrication it needs to deploy smoothly and safely. We use a silicone lubricant to free up frozen or bound fire escapes.

Keep Your Building Compliant

When it comes to fire escape compliance, there’s no room for error. Let Great Escape Fire Escape Service help ensure your escape is compliant and provide you with access to qualified professionals who can help you achieve certification. Reach us today at 415-566-1479.
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