Inspection & Maintenance in San Francisco CA

If there’s an emergency and you need to evacuate the building using a fire escape, you want to know with certain confidence that it’ll deploy in moments. The only way to truly be sure is to make sure you’re up-to-date on fire escape maintenance in San Francisco, CA.

Great Escape Fire Escape Service reminds customers to schedule annual service—not only to ensure the operability of a fire escape, but to secure up-to-date completion certificates as well. We deliver the complete scope of inspection and maintenance services, whether for your own peace of mind or to ensure compliance with municipal codes. Should you need photographs to show repairs, we will supply them at no additional cost.

Old Fire Escape

Inspect Fire Escape Parts

We inspect and test all parts of the fire escape, from the roof to lowest landing, noting any hazards or violations. Every fire escape inspection in San Francisco, CA is extensive and thorough, ensuring the complete safety and function of the equipment and compliance with municipal standards.

Test Fire Escape Lock

We release the lock, allowing the fire escape to deploy. Often, we find most escapes can’t extend fully because they haven’t been properly serviced. They freeze up due to rusted or brittle cables. Or, the locking mechanism itself becomes damaged and the escape ladder can’t activate.

Lubricate Mechanical Parts

Serviced yearly, a fire escape should work easily. We’ll give yours the proper lubrication it needs to deploy smoothly and safely. We use a silicone lubricant to free up frozen or bound fire escapes.

Ensure Cable Safety

There are three types of cable: galvanized, stainless and plastic-covered. We prefer galvanized ¼” cables and clamps. They can hold up to 7,500lbs. About 98% of the fire escapes in San Francisco use galvanized cables, and we’re adept at inspecting and servicing them.

Need An Inspection?

A fire escape can last 20-30 years with proper annual maintenance. More importantly, it could make a life-saving difference. If you need an escape inspected and/or serviced, contact the experts at Great Escape Fire Escape Service today at 415-566-1479. We can perform service to meet insurance mandates, building codes, tenant safety standards and general peace of mind.
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