Ladder Lock Service
in San Francisco CA

One of the most commonly defective components of a fire escape ladder system is the locking mechanism. Locks can rust and become brittle, making it hard to deploy the ladder in the event of an emergency. We offer annual fire escape lock maintenance in San Francisco, CA and can replace the Barrel, which is custom made by Great Escape Fire Escape Service

Cable And Barrel

Lock Testing and Maintenance

We perform lock inspections and testing as part of routine fire escape inspections and maintenance. If an inspection shows your escape has a defective or damaged lock, we recommend scheduling fire escape lock service in San Francisco, CA.

Our team will identify the specific nature of the problem and deliver solutions, to restore the functionality and integrity of the locking mechanism. This includes using silicone lubricant to release frozen escape locks. If further repairs are needed or you need a completely new escape ladder installed, we can refer you to the appropriate, trustworthy professionals.

Types of Fire Escape Ladders

Not all fire escape systems are the same! There are different types of ladders and locking mechanisms, each requiring specialized service. Even if you’re not sure which type your building has, we’ll identify it for you and ensure the lock is well-maintained.

Accordion Ladder

Does the escape itself look like scissors? Then it’s probably an accordion ladder.

Weight Shift Ladder

These ladders gently deploy in the direction they’re pointed in, using the bodyweight of the person.

Large Sectional

Larger escapes deploy downward in sections, allowing the ladder to reach the ground from higher up.

Pole Ladder

Does it look like a drain pipe on the side of your house? If so, it’s probably a pole ladder.

Keep Your Ladder Functional

If the locking mechanism of your fire escape ladder is damaged or won’t deploy smoothly, your safety is at risk. No matter what type of fire escape you have, make sure the locking and deployment are tested annually. Contact Great Escape Fire Escape Service today at 415-566-1479 to schedule an appointment.
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