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Founded in 1997, Great Escape Fire Escape Service is the first fire escape service business in the Bay Area, dedicated to keeping your building compliant and your tenants safe. Our technicians are fully trained in maintenance, inspection, service and safety training, providing you with the vital services you need. If safety and satisfaction are what you’re looking for, look no further! Schedule an appointment with us today!
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Inspection & Maintenance

If there’s an emergency and you need to evacuate the building using a fire escape…

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Ladder Lock Service

One of the most commonly defective components of a fire escape ladder system is the locking mechanism.

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City Compliance

The city of San Francisco has strict requirements for fire escape inspections and maintenance.

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Escape Training

Do you or your building tenants know how to properly use a fire escape? While these systems are designed to be…

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We are the Original San Francisco Fire Escape Maintenance Service

Fire safety needs to be a primary concern of every business owner, homeowner and tenant. After prevention, fire escape planning is the best thing you can do to stay safe. In addition to maintaining fire alarms and having an emergency evacuation plan, testing and maintaining fire escapes is paramount.

Great Escape Fire Escape Service was the first fire escape service company in San Francisco, CA, founded in 1988 by Eli Giaquinto, a retired New York City fire fighter. With 22 years’ experience with the NYFD, Eli’s knowledge and experience with fire escapes is unmatched by anyone servicing ladders in the Bay Area today. He worked to establish the standard inspections and maintenance services that fire marshals and fire departments depend upon to deem a fire escape safe for use. He set the precedent of identifying when repairs or extensive maintenance were required to restore safety. You could say we wrote the book on fire escape safety!

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Fire Escapes throughout this city are on historical buildings. These escapes were built over one hundred years ago, and the businesses that manufactured the parts and the escapes themselves are no longer in business. That means two things. First, it takes diligence and expertise to properly manage them. Second, it takes a turnkey approach.

Our San Francisco technicians are fully trained in fire escape maintenance and inspection, as well as fire escape repair. Everything from the lubrication we apply to the parts we install are customized to meet the needs of every individual escape. We are the only service company that offers you a specially-designed galvanized barrel (designed by us) to insure you’re getting the safest barrel on the market today.

Everything we do as a fire escape maintenance company in San Francisco, CA is rooted in your safety. We’re here to make sure your fire escape can save your life if it needs to. Let us go above and beyond to help ensure your safety and peace of mind.

We’re familiar with city and building codes associated with fire escape management.
We specialize in fire escape inspections, repair, and certification.
We guarantee all the work we perform on your fire escape for a full year.
We frequently work with property management companies on building compliance.
We’ve been a member of the PPMA and SFAA since 1997, as well as the EBRHA.

Your Safety is our Top Priority

Is your fire escape due for an inspection or re-certification? Need to schedule a demonstration or training for how to use it? No matter your fire escape needs, we’ll meet them. Call us today!
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